We offer a guiding hand in an uncertain landscape.


The current state of immigration law and policy can seem like an insurmountable hurdle to accomplish your goals in the United States, whether you are a multi-national corporation, small business, investor, research institution, family or individual. 

Huntley PC aims to lower that hurdle as much as possible for every client. We look for effective and efficient immigration solutions that minimize cost and hassle. 

Huntley PC is committed to the marriage of old fashioned customer service with bleeding-edge technology to serve our clients efficiently and securely. 


Areas of Practice

Business Immigration

Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a new venture, we can assist you in creating an overall immigration strategy that accomplishes your business goals. We advise businesses on everything from short term travel to the U.S. through the green card (permanent residence) application process and everything in between.


We help you bring the people most important to you to the U.S. We have broad experience planning multi-generational immigration to the U.S.


Huntley PC has extensive experience working with high net worth individuals, their families and their businesses. We provide the highest level of bespoke service, traveling to meet with clients and accompanying them to immigration interviews and appointments in the U.S and abroad.

We can help you protect your permanent residence status in the United States if you spend a significant amount of time abroad.

We can also work with your legal advisors, family office, tax professionals and business advisors to make sure your business and financial planning do not hurt your immigration goals.


Whether you are looking to start a business in the U.S. or invest money in an EB-5 project we can advise you on how to use your investment to accomplish your immigration goals.

EB-1 Immigration for Accomplished Individuals

We help the most accomplished minds in business, science, medicine and the arts obtain permanent residence in the U.S.


Federal Litigation - stuck cases

Sometimes an immigration case gets stuck in the system with no movement for months or even years. Federal litigation can force immigration authorities to make a decision on your case.

Federal Litigation - Unfair Denials

Immigration decisions denying your case can sometimes seem irrational and meritless. If your case is a good candidate, federal litigation can force immigration authorities to apply the law correctly in your case.

Complex Cases

If your case has suffered from mis-handling, bad advice or just bad luck, we may be able to find a solution that accomplishes your immigration goals. Huntley PC has considerable experience with discovering and implementing solutions in the toughest cases. 

Religious Orders and Non-profits

We work with religious orders and non-profits of all denominations on how best to bring foreigners to the U.S. as ministers of religion or religious workers. It is essential for religious orders and non-profits to have a cohesive immigration profile. 


U.S. citizenship is the ultimate goal for many coming to the U.S. to work or live. Whether you are a long-term green card holder or a recent immigrant we can guide you through the process. We also have considerable experience litigating naturalization cases that have been unfairly delayed or denied. 

Removal Proceedings

We can help you when you find yourself in trouble with immigration authorities. We have helped our clients at all stages of the removal process, even clients under final orders of removal.

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